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It's Easy To Interpret Election Results By What We Want To See Rather Than What Really Is
MLK Day. Policies among states matter. Election reform is needed, but not what's being pushed. Meanwhile, Progessives face a backlash, while some find a…
Looking back at 2021 and ahead to stories that might be big in 2022.
BBB will drive up childcare costs. Tiger done? The case of Peng Shuai exposes the IOC's shame. LOLincoln Project.
1) The Atlanta Braves are World Series Champions! Buzz’s Thoughts: I instantly became a Braves fan when we moved to Atlanta when I was 9. To see them…
Study on COVID19 lockdowns, Punting BBB, What I'm watching and reading.
Space Travel, Alliance for Opportunity, Keep and eye on Mexico, Empowerment Accounts, and more.
Education reform in Georgia, Study of cities' business friendliness, reforming high school sports, "seeds of political violence in churches?" and more.
A gift from a family in need humbled and impacted me deeply.
Bonus material: MVFree sends the Braves back to the NLCS for a rematch with the World Champion Dodgers. 1) Not all of us bettered ourselves during the…
All about Ukraine.